Spekboom Gin is produced using only the best grain neutral spirit, rectified at our Distillery, as neutral base and by combining different distillation techniques such as vacuum distillation and vapour infusion. The main botanical is the leaf of the Spekboom tree or in Xhosa, called iGwanitsha. It is known as the wonderplant and can remove 4.2 tonnes of CO2 per year, is edible and very high in Vitamin C.

Spekboom Gin is made in two parts combining 6 Botanicals in a carter head, with a technique called vapour infusion, to increase the fine delicate floral lavender and pine notes. A second smaller distillation combining fresh Cape lemon peel and Spekboom leaves are done under vacuum which reduces the boiling point of alcohol resulting in fresher flavoured single botanical distillations, which in turn are blended back by taste forming a smooth crystal clear 8 Botanical Gin.

On tasting, a beautiful and delicate balance of Juniper and coriander opens up into spicy citrus middle pallet and ends off with a fine tuned floral sweetness provided by the addition of spekboom and lavender.

1. Enjoy it with your favourite Indian tonic, adding a lemon wheel and micro herbs to taste.

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