Using New Harbour Copper Catalysed Vodka as the Neutral base, our Rooibos Infused Gin is made by placing eight carefully selected botanicals in a Carter Head and distilling it in small batches using a modern technique called vapour infusion.

This technique allows the alcohol vapours to pass over the botanicals condensing the complex aromas and flavours to form a fresher, more delicate tasting Gin. A percentage of un-aged Gin is then married over several days with the finest Rooibos tea leaves, mixed back together and rested, enriching the texture to transform it into a red amber coloured Gin.

On tasting, the fresh complexity of the hand cracked Juniper, Almonds, and Sweet Orange peel adds depth to sweet floral and citrus notes, while balancing an earthy backbone with a full bodied smooth and flavourful taste.

1. Neat on the rocks or
2. With tonic, add a slice of orange, peach or lemon to taste.

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