“When you find the right combination of art, science and chemistry, you see an opportunity to do something exceptional, a chance to create something as unique as the South African landscape. Vodka and Gin is something you can put your own stamp on and be as imaginative as you want to be. Therefore when choosing our name, New Harbour Distillery, I wanted people to know our spirits are made in Woodstock, the old industrial heart of Cape Town harbour.

New Harbour Distillery is a company of creative scientific individuals who manufacture high quality artisan spirits, mainly Vodka and Gin. Our spirits are handcrafted in small batch using a combination of modern innovative and experimental distilling techniques, which is a harder way to distil, but in the end produces a product in our eyes that is vastly more authentic and superior.

 At New Harbour Distillery we follow a strict carbon neutral philosophy. This means all our by-products are recycled and reused in our distillery and greenhouse, and supplied to city farms as fertiliser, animal feed and general cleaner. In return we source fresh and natural ingredients for our Vodka infusions and Gin selections from these organic farms and suppliers as well as grow our own fresh natural ingredients on site with a hydroponic greenhouse.”

Nic Janeke
Master Distiller